Friday, May 28, 2010

Long work week with no work !

This week has been a very frustrating work week. Because I have very little sonority as a server I have been placed on the patio for quite a few shifts . I was lucky enough to get called to take a restaurant shift last Monday . My last restaurant shift was not great, so I was very worried for this shift . However when I got there I had a few really great tables , then as the night progressed one server was cut and I had half the restaurant. which was about 8 tables. One of these tables was the General Manager of Canoe and his family, so I had to give 100 percent to this table. Meanwhile I also had a 12 top from Tourism Victoria , the people from this party were mainly from London which meant they had lots of questions about the establishment. My last table was another 12 top and a birthday party . This table was constantly ordering , keeping me very busy . I was really happy to have such a great shift . It really gave me the conference I need as a server. Plus to end the evening great I walked out with 140 dollars after tip out!

Unfortunately, the rest of the week did not go so well. For every other shift I was on the patio, and due to lack nice weather I was not needed to work. I had six shifts on call patio in which I did not work . It was very frustrating waiting around knowing that I am not working but having to be available just in case. All long weekend I actually had off , but had to wait around just in case without pay ....Lame! I hope the weather gets nicer.

With all that space time I have been going to Yoga everyday and getting myself back into shape. Plus I have been going on lots of walks and hikes . Me and my boyfriend also joined a beer league baseball team . Which is such a good time! Also with my spare time I have been revamping my goals , and making them stronger . I will post them once they are complete.

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