Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not much to update......

So I actually have not worked since my last blog . Its super lame , I am getting super bored. I am thinking about perhaps getting a second job. Due to the fact that Canoe is so weather based. I got called for a job in Sydney today , however declined it because its to far of a commute.
Yesterday we had a host meeting , which was really informative. We had the opportunity to taste all the beers that we brew on tap . As well as try the new feature beer. Which is Amazing!!
I dont think that I like hosting as much . I said that I would host and serve to get more hours, but that does not seem to be working . I booked a meeting with Ryan the GM to see if I can be serving primary.
With all my spare time I have re-vamped my goals. When I first did them and meet with Lee my goals where more just action steps. So here are my new and improved goals.

1) To receive a destination on my Co-op
2) To learn as much as possible on restaurant sustainability
3)To receive great work references for the future
4) Learn as much as possible about beer pairing and further brewery knowledge
5) Enrich my wine pairing skills , and winery knowledge.

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