Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week three from Hell!

Week three was a very long week . It stated off with a kick off split shift , normally this would not have been a problem but I was not scheduled for a split and had a friend visiting and a birthday party to attend to . I started off working 11-4 then 5-10 . Plus because I was the first person sat on the patio everyone who wanted to be sat outside. Resulting in my section of six tables all being sat at once. This meant greeting every table , watering , getting drink order, getting drinks taking food orders, refills and billing ,times six . The weird thing about this is this cycle repeated itself 3 times with all tables coming at the same time and billing at the same time . What a stressful day !

The next day they gave me a large party upstairs at the restaurant. My table was suppose to be a 15 top but ended up being a 20 top. This sounds manageable but to make my shift harder everyone was paying separately. To make matters worse they were all ordering mass amounts of drinks and moving around. This make it very hard to keep peoples orders together. Plus though-out the night people kept joining the table adding more people to the already massive separate bill. When it was time to bill it was a nightmare. Everything was relatively smooth , however, one customer bill would not print. This was not just any customer it was the only rude mean customer at the whole table . It was awful , plus I could not find the night manager anywhere in the restaurant to assist me . This customer did not leave happy . After my shift was done I did not feel great about this shift and was actually starting to dread my next shift .

The next day actually went really smooth. I went in to help set up for Canoe's first annual surf Sunday's. I helped Ryan , the assistant General Manager . This meant cutting pineapples , unpacking lays and helping the bartender get ready for the night . Then while the event was on I served on the patio. It was very busy , however I managed to have a great shift . I made sure to stay extra organized and not stress. The event managed to be a huge success.

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