Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lots to update

I know its been a while, to be honest its been a really hectic work week. The kick off of the work week was a huge event that Canoe put on for E Tv. This party was for about 90 people, it was open bar, and there was only 4 people serving the event me included. At first it seemed like it was going to be hard to keep track of drinks , since you have to run down to the low bar , we were in the restaurant. Once you get back to the restaurant the person who ordered the drink , or the people where gone, it was difficult to find people in a crowed room . But the whole event managed to run really smoothly. I was very happy to have to more event knowledge under my belt. Plus a person from e news wrote back our event director with rave reviews of the serve .

The next day during the day we had another similar even to put on . This event was for Royal Roads . It was a party for all the Masters graduates and the event was also for 90 people. This time we did it with only 3 servers. It was a buffet style , with open bar. Which meant one person was constantly bring up food, one was en-charge of drinks(me) and the last person was bussing. Although we all took turns doing a little bit of everything. As soon as this event was done I had to go rush out and go up Island. I had two family birthday parties all weekend.
When returning home I started work right away. Lately I have been scheduled for restaurant shifts , which means that I have for sure shifts. This was awesome as I was starting to get sick of on call shifts. Then mid week I had to go into ER with another Kidney stone. This is my second stone in 8 months. It was super lame and very painful. I was in ER for 6 hours , the first 4 I spent basically without painkillers. After my cat scan showed that I have 3 including the one that was giving me pain it my kidney. This news was pretty scary. This means that at any-point one of those Kidney stones could decide to start their journey and which point( because they come with little notice) I could be at work ,driving or school.

After recovering from one of my kidney stones I decided to work a gig again with Truffles Catering. This event was at the Hudson, which was amazing . The event was a party on the roof serving all the executives who helped build the Hudson. The pre work before the event was alot of heavy lifting. Which I was not super pleased about , just having a kidney stone the day before. We had to lift crates for beer, wine cooking things up to elevators , then to the storing room, which was far, then finally to the roof, which was even farther. There was a lot of stuff to bring up because the event was three days long. The event went smoother then the set up, I passed appies, poured wine .

Thursday, September 16, 2010


This last week has been a good week . The start of the week was a bit concerning , when receiving my schedule I was scheduled 5 days on the patio. Patio shifts are getting a bit risky to take on these days due to the weather. To make matter worse when checking the weather forecast they were calling for a week of rain. Lucky , the days that it rained I got the opportunity to move inside and work. It was great, I usually work outside so it was great to work in a different atmosphere. The restaurant is a bit more fine dinning. Which means as a server you have to act more professional, plus you get asked more questions about the menu and wine list, so it is a bit more of a challenge. Its nice because it gives me the opportunity to showcase my food and beverage knowledge.

This weekend I am on my way to a family get together. I am really looking forward to seeing my family before school starts . Plus it is my nephews first birthday , which will be rather exiting. I hardly get the change to see my family when school starts. Therefore I am really looking forward to a good vist, and catch up.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Get blogging

I know I know its been a while since I have blogged, not to much to report . Working , attempting to get some last minute summer stuff in before school starts . Today I took my full license test , and passed! Which is rather exciting! Which means legally I can have a glass of wine and drive now. Work has been going well. We have cut down on patio servers , this means that we have bigger sections now . I am really liking bigger sections . Normally the servers outside have 5 tables , now we have 6 or 7 tables. This is better for tips and keeping busy .

I just found the best white wine. It is by White Bear, it is a Riesling. It tastes like granny smith Apples , yum ! Plus a percent of proceeds go to saving bears. By me enjoy this wine I am contributing to saving endangered species. Yay!