Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week two

The second week went a lot smoother then the first week . Canoe is a very weather based business, over half the seating takes place outside, therefore it takes quite a few staff to work outside. To have this happen if you have been scheduled a patio shift you are "on call" . Unfortunately because I am new most of my shifts have been on call , and the weather has not been fantastic , resulting in not as many hours as I would have liked.

On the plus side I decided use my spare time in a positive way. The last couple days I have been sitting around waiting all day to call in at 3 30 for my 4 30 shift and not making a effort to use up the morning and the afternoon. So I decided to get a yoga membership. Before school started I was a big yoga practicer, however , when school started I did not have the time or the money. So my summer goal is to make sure that I go to yoga at least five days a week . That is until it gets to hot to practice! Since it is hot yoga or bikram that I pratice.

As soon as the weekend rolled around the sun came out , and I worked 3 long shifts. They went smoothly, although I am still getting used to larger sections. I am still working at getting stronger with the Matrie De POS system ; I am lucky everyone that I work with is always willing to help me out with the machine. Next week my goal is to start getting a handle on everyone names. Which is a huge goal alone...There is over 90 Canoe staff members.

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