Friday, May 21, 2010


So I am just posting for my first time today . When thinking about the Co-op Term I first thought that I was going to write a journal , however since then I decided I am going to blog . So my goal for these blogs is to blog every Monday . To keep myself accountable and current . This Blog is going to be from my May 3nd journal .

My first week at Canoe has been really wonderful, scary and a lot to take in . When first arriving I got the whole building tour with the General Manager. The restaurant is massive, there are many different storage areas around the building, as well as extra storage space outside. Canoe in the summer can set over 500 seats, so there is a lotof stuff that is needed to make the restaurant function. I got the change to meet some of the people I would be working with . Canoe in the summer employes over 50 front end staff alone . Hopefully I will get know people that work there!

I also got 3 books to memorize. Because Canoe is owed by the Truffles group they have their own handbook(which is massive to memorize). As well as they want their servers to know the complete menu all ingredients included , as well as the complete liquor menu. during the training week all new employees will be quizzed in order to complete training . This is a bit daunting for me . With school done my brain feels as if its on vacation .

My second day entailed learning how to be a host . In Canoe the host is responsible for taking all reservations , seating people , running food and calling servers in. The reason why they start servers off here so they can learn seat numbers . This first shift was long, but I managed to memorize all 500 seats during the shift.

My third day was hosting alone . This went fairly smooth , although I had a little difficulty finding things within the restaurant , such as paper towel. Everyone one at work seems really outgoing and nice.

My Forth training day was in the restaurant. My trainer Mark was awesome. He had me serving tables right away, and gave me pointers and help when needed. The computer system is different from any that I have used so far so it was a little bit challenging finding things on the system.

The Fifth day of training was in the Pub. The pub is usually the busiest place in canoe. My trainer and I had half the pub to ourselves, which is a lot of work. He gave me a couple table to take on my own . One of the tablse grow from a party of 6 to a party of about 30. In which I took all on my own . The whole booking went very smooth . However it was a bit challenging billing everyone because they were all paying separately plus they were constantly moving.

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