Friday, June 18, 2010

As you can tell I have neglected my blog goal to blog every monday :(. The reason for this is not a lot has happened over the weekend. The weekend at Canoe was okay I worked two short days because the wind was super strong, making people hesitant to sit outside. After those two shifts the weather stayed the same. One Wednesday I had beer school at Canoe it was awesome. Sean the Brew master is solely responsible for brewing all of Canoes beer. He had a PHD from I believe U-Vic and brew by the Purity Act of 1516. He puts on Brew School to teach anyone who works at Canoe more about brewing process. His Brewery is very neat , the storage unite where he stores the beer look like space ships. There are different vessels that the beer goes though depending on the stage . Example the first step of the process is melting the Wheat and the barely. The Sean transfers the beer though tubes. The interesting fact about this is he uses the natural pressure of the C02 to move the beer, which is rarely done. Everything he does is down to a science. Moreover, what's amazing about his beer is there are no fillers and everything is pure, he does not even pump extra C02 into the beer for added carbonation. Not only did we get the change to learn about the beer we also got to taste everything . I have had a couple beer tastings however I left Beer Schooling having more knowledge about the unique beer at Canoe as well as a little drunk .

The rest of the shifts this week have been the same , slow! Hopefully the weekend stays sunny and I will be able to work more shifts.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


This has been a great week so far. First it started off with me getting an extra serving shift in the restaurant. This was great because one its a guaranteed shift, and secondly the restaurant is more "fine dinning " then the patio , so it was the perfect opportunity to practice more up-scale serving. I have not opened a bottle of wine since school, so I got the change to open several bottles, which was great practice. Opening wine is not the challenge for me its cutting the tin foil around the cork that is problematic. When discussing this with the bartender he showed me a trick . It made my life so much easier. You can take the foil and pull it at the top , this takes one second and makes your bottle 100 times easier to open . This saved my life during that one shift , during that one shift alone I opened four bottles of wine.

After the restaurant shift I worked a couple patio days. I love the patio at Canoe. Its totally exposed , which can be awful if the weather is not nice , however on beautiful days there is nothing else like it . It is warm and most of the 250 seats are in the sun! The people that come down for lunch and dinner are mainly locals , and they are the nicest people to serve because they are in no rush. The last patio shift I worked was so nice that I had tables until midnight, which is great for my Co-op hours.

I had a couple days off and went up Island, It was great to vist with parents , sister and friends. I have not been home for a while so I had a lot of catching up to do . I arrived home yesterday feeling more tired then before I left. However today I was called in for a shift on the patio and it became overcast as soon as I arrived so I was sent home and still paid for 2 hours . This was fine by me because the forecast is calling for 5 days of straight sunshine so I will be working all weekend hopefully into next week .

My short term goals this month are to pay off my credit card in full within two months . I rang up a credit tab of about 1400 dollars so that will be a bit of a challenge . To do this I will give all the tips I make to BMO until its all paid off. Then I need to start saving for a computer!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not much to update......

So I actually have not worked since my last blog . Its super lame , I am getting super bored. I am thinking about perhaps getting a second job. Due to the fact that Canoe is so weather based. I got called for a job in Sydney today , however declined it because its to far of a commute.
Yesterday we had a host meeting , which was really informative. We had the opportunity to taste all the beers that we brew on tap . As well as try the new feature beer. Which is Amazing!!
I dont think that I like hosting as much . I said that I would host and serve to get more hours, but that does not seem to be working . I booked a meeting with Ryan the GM to see if I can be serving primary.
With all my spare time I have re-vamped my goals. When I first did them and meet with Lee my goals where more just action steps. So here are my new and improved goals.

1) To receive a destination on my Co-op
2) To learn as much as possible on restaurant sustainability
3)To receive great work references for the future
4) Learn as much as possible about beer pairing and further brewery knowledge
5) Enrich my wine pairing skills , and winery knowledge.