Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The last two weeks have been crazy busy. I have been working six day weeks for the past month now. They are going well , however , when I have spare time off I hardly feel like blogging . I also have a journal in which I write down daily summaries it helps me keep track of work stuff for my blog. Last week the weather has been smoking hot . Servers must apply sunscreen every couple hours to avoid getting a nasty suntan. I have been really on this, because I have been burnt a couple times. I am finding the heat hard to work in . Its hard to find time to stay hydrated while working a full section. Plus I felt lethargic in the heat , which makes for a long shift. This week has been cooler(thank god). Making for a better week.

Usually I work day shifts , but last weekend I worked three nights I a row, Friday , Saturday , Sunday. Friday night was crazy busy . I have not worked a super busy shift for a while now , therefore I was a little off my game . It was so busy that throughout the night we had 10 or more people on the wait list . When there is a big wait it can get complicated to keep track of billing . For example you can bill a table , then go inside to grab drinks /food and return back to find a brand new table in place. Which means while inside , the last table left cash , left then in was bused and re-sat. This gets complicated , epically when you are not busing the table your self. If the customer takes the receipt and leaves cash the busers (who are also smoken busy ) will just leave the envelope(with cash) anywhere in the server station. That night not including my cash tips I made 150 dollars , however , at some point 100 dollars got lost, so I only made 50 dollars during the whole night . Days like this can be frustrating. Oh well! The next two days were a lot smoother.

I just returned from my trip up island today . My boyfriend and I have both been working six day weeks ; we lucky had the same day off together and decided to have some fun. We spend the day at the Parksville Beach, and took in the sandcastles. This trip was much needed, its nice to have small getaway trips in the summer. I am also trying to get time off to go to a wine tasting event at mount Washington. I think it will be a lot of fun ,plus it will teach me more about local wine ;which is one of my Co-op goals.

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